Windmill, Pergulho


Gatherings and parties strengthen ties

Although depopulation is growing throughout the region, the time of the popular festivities is a time when the villages come alive with the arrival of immigrants and the return of the natives. Tradition remains in many villages, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the inhabitants. Music, sports and cultural activities, fairs, dances, snacks, and cold drinks, no one dispenses a trip to a popular festival.

In the parish we are experiencing the emergence of several local associations formed with the purpose of organizing activities, among them, the summer gatherings are the most important, complete with music, dance and of course, food and drinks.

Place Theme/Patron saint Date
Malhadal Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Second weekend of august
Moitas Saint Genesius First weekend after Easter
Pedra do Altar Our Lady of Fátima First weekend of june
Peral and Junceira Saint James the Less First weekend of may
Pergulho Saint Mark Last weekend of april
Proença-a-Nova City celebrations 8 to 10 june
Sarzedinha and Montelhado Village Celebrations Last weekend of july
Vale D'Urso Nª. Srª. Da Guia First weekend of setember
Vergão Our Lady of Fátima Third weekend of july
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